5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land Based Casino - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino

5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino

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Did you know the sacred sakyantgaoyord or 9 spires yant tattoo is considered to be a lucky charm in Thailand? It is usually tattooed on the back, and the imagery used symbolizes sacred Thai and Buddhist images such as Buddha and Mt Meru. If, however you are not superstitious you will be happy to know that you won’t need any lucky charm for visiting any of the land-based casinos in the country. All games are fair and based on chance.

A recent trend that is rapidly gaining traction is online gambling, which in itself holds plenty of benefits to the gambler. But, studies have shown that a large percentage of American gamblers actually prefer going to land-based casinos to get their gamble on. In this post, we take a look at all the benefits you can expect when visiting a land-based casino rather than using your phone or tablet to spin some reels.


1. Job Creation

Job Creation - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino
Even though you might not benefit from it directly, job creation is a major plus when it comes to land-based casinos and their contribution to the country’s economy. All the land-based casinos are responsible for creating jobs for waiters and waitresses, professional croupiers and dealers, reception staff and security to name but a few.


2. Socialize and Engage

Socialize and Engage - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino
Land-based casinos’ most prominent drawing card is probably the fact that gamblers are able to engage in their favorite games while being able to strike up a conversation with fellow gamblers sitting at the table or slots machine next door.


3. It’s All About the Experience

Its All About the Experience - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino
There is no way that an online casino can compare to the experience you can expect when walking into a brick and mortar casino – the flashing lights and whirr of machines, the hum of people talking and the feeling of excitement that is almost tangible in the building. Those who prefer visiting land-based casinos can tell you that gambling at a casino rather than from a device guarantees a way better experience.


4. Great Perks

Great Perks - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino
When you join a land-based casino, you are more than likely going to be able to earn a whole lot of freebies and vouchers, simply for being a loyal client. Although you are able to get free games and other types of bonuses at online casinos, the loyalty programs and vouchers land-based casinos offer will cut some cost and can be offered as restaurant or accommodation discounts and vouchers or even free tickets to see a show at the premises.


5. Easy Access to Promotions

Easy Access to Promotions - 5 Benefits of Gambling at a Land-Based Casino
The majority of land-based casinos will keep a list of their regular customers, if you visit them frequently enough you will more than probably added to their database. This means you will get instant notifications of any discounts and promotions that are on offer at your favorite land-based casino.

Not convinced that visiting a brick and mortar casino is the best for you? Why not just give it a shot and see how it goes? We hope that you have found our list of benefits insightful and that you will consider visiting your nearest casino in the near future. If you enjoy discovering new facts, you should read this article that will give you some interesting information on the beginnings of the casino.